Who is Your Target Audience When Blogging?

I recently came across an article “Don’t Make These 5 Business Blogging Mistakes” and, as someone who writes a blog post between 5 and 7 times a week, this article was a great read for me. best seo agency in bangalore

The article made the point that it is almost impossible for a business to survive today without an online presence. Businesses need a way to create two-way communication with their consumers and using a blog is a great way to interact. Blogging is one of the tools an Inbound Marketing Agency will deliver within their marketing methodology.

Out of the 5 points made on blogging mistakes businesses commonly make, one really stood out to me – it was on the importance of knowing who your blogging audience is, which is extremely important when trying to connect with your audience.

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Know your target audience 

Just writing a general blog post isn’t enough. You may be writing relevant information to you but is it relevant to your audience? Who is your audience? What are they looking for and why?

Before writing your post, it is important you take a step back and figure out exactly who you are writing to. Google has a couple of great resources for helping companies find out exactly that. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are both excellent FREE resources that help define who your actual audience is.

Knowing your target audience is huge when going through the process of a new web design. If you’re looking for a Seattle web design firm that can match your goals, design, and target audience, consider this local Seattle based firm.

Google Analytics analyzes your traffic to determine who your audience is, what they need, and where they are. Not only is knowing who your audience is important but equally as important is knowing how they found you. Google Analytics also allows you to see how your visitors are interacting on your page, what they are looking at, and what they are looking for. By knowing what blog posts your visitors are reading you can get a better idea of what content to continue writing and possibly what not to write.

In summary — Webmaster Tools tells you what consumers are searching for to find your content. By understanding your search traffic and how visitors find your site you can work toward tailoring your content to your target audience.

And once you know who your audience is, you will have a better idea of what they want to read, allowing you to keep them interested and moving down the sales funnel.

Happy writing!

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